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Empowered one
Compassionate one
Feisty one
The odes will never be sufficient
In describing the spirit
That moved on today

The shear animosity
This great woman exhibited
In every graceful act
Her love and dedication to others
Her fighting, spiteful, protective spirit
As it kept her moving forward
Even days before death
“One to three days,” they said
“Four!” she exclaimed back.

Her passion and love of others
Will always be remembered
In the hearts she graced
With her warming embrace
She leaves this realm
A better place
Than when she entered it
And for that
We will be eternally grateful
For our loving Mamaw
The One's Who Leave
This is a tribute to my Mamaw Barb who died on Sunday. Please tell me what you think! I will be reading this at her funeral.
There once were people who didn’t know a thing in the world.
They just existed.
They just sat by and watched the world and life and time pass them.
They did not know if food would appear in their hands so that they could stuff their mouths.
But it did everyday.
But they did not know.
But they did not know where this food came from.
But they ate anyway.
They did not know
and convinced themselves that they did not care.
They convinced themselves
that if the food did not appear
they would perfectly fine.
It seems so silly to you and I
But then again,
you and I know where our food comes from.
But then again,
you and I know the negative effects of not eating.
But then again
you and I know the feeling of hunger, gnawing in empty stomachs.
So since they did not know
They did not care.
But one day
the food did not magically appear
and for once in their lives
the people felt something
other than contempt.
This was almost too much handle for them
so they nearly forgot about finding food.
But where to get food?
they wondered in frustration.
No one had taught them.
The world had let them be ignorant
and now the people were suffering
for the first time in their insignificant lives.
and this is why
one must never be content
with the path of ignorance and indifference.
I am pained
He is pained
I am soft some places
He is soft some places
I am strong
He is strong
I have a past
He has a past
I have had a difficult journey
He has had a difficult journey

But I am much more
Than my pain
Than my soft places
Than my strength
Than my past
Than my journey

I am funny
I am awkward
I am insecure
I am brave
I am caring
I am loving
I am optimistic
I am pessimistic
I am sunshine
I am rain
I am fall

We have the rough edges
in common
to talk about
on lonely nights in his bed
but will he ever realize
that I am more than just edges?
More Than Edges
I have not written in a while, but i was inspired. Tell me what you think!
My soul has pockmarks
it has gashes that are still trying to heal
part of it feels as heavy and lead and iron
part of it feels as light as clean linen in the breeze
I am learning
I am living
I am cautious
I am believing
I know how to love
I know how to hate
I have no problems with feeling either
I am learning how to live
Finding my own way
Taking away bits and pieces of people's minds
that seem to find
that seem to make sense
I no longer wait for someone to save me
I no longer think that someone is out to get me – not consciously
I have learned
I have lived
I have loved
and I have hated
I live my life
with both lead and linen
and I would not take it any other way
Life is hear to endure and enjoy
Love and hate
Cry and laugh
It is just truth
I can't control others
but I can control myself
and how I react to them
I am a working progress
I still have cracks in my frame
Pockmarks and gauges in my soul
but I have survived
more than anyone would expect of me
and that is amazing and beautiful
even the uglier parts that I do not show to strangers
This is life
This is ME
This is me
a bit long but it works


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My name is Sam. I have been through some things in life that affect me still today. I am simply a small sail boat lost in a sea of words, in which I use the ocean as my guidance. My heart is made of words, and my soul is what I use to write with. Please enjoy what I have shared with the world, and if you do not honestly think it is the best, I would like to know. I am willing to be friends with most that wish to be friends with me. Thank you.

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I can write a poem for you, just give me the topic and I will do my best
I can write a story of any sort, whether you want one about you, or you have an amazing story line, you are just not sure how to make it into a coherent story.



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