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I am pained
He is pained
I am soft some places
He is soft some places
I am strong
He is strong
I have a past
He has a past
I have had a difficult journey
He has had a difficult journey

But I am much more
Than my pain
Than my soft places
Than my strength
Than my past
Than my journey

I am funny
I am awkward
I am insecure
I am brave
I am caring
I am loving
I am optimistic
I am pessimistic
I am sunshine
I am rain
I am fall

We have the rough edges
in common
to talk about
on lonely nights in his bed
but will he ever realize
that I am more than just edges?
More Than Edges
I have not written in a while, but i was inspired. Tell me what you think!
My soul has pockmarks
it has gashes that are still trying to heal
part of it feels as heavy and lead and iron
part of it feels as light as clean linen in the breeze
I am learning
I am living
I am cautious
I am believing
I know how to love
I know how to hate
I have no problems with feeling either
I am learning how to live
Finding my own way
Taking away bits and pieces of people's minds
that seem to find
that seem to make sense
I no longer wait for someone to save me
I no longer think that someone is out to get me – not consciously
I have learned
I have lived
I have loved
and I have hated
I live my life
with both lead and linen
and I would not take it any other way
Life is hear to endure and enjoy
Love and hate
Cry and laugh
It is just truth
I can't control others
but I can control myself
and how I react to them
I am a working progress
I still have cracks in my frame
Pockmarks and gauges in my soul
but I have survived
more than anyone would expect of me
and that is amazing and beautiful
even the uglier parts that I do not show to strangers
This is life
This is ME
This is me
a bit long but it works
I was a roaring flame
I lived a lot
I did a lot
I felt a lot
Until one day
my mind decided
that this was not how
it was going to be
and the life
that was once seen in my eyes
was sucked out of me
like a precious drink
that now fed the seeping void
The late nights of fun
turned into the many days in bed

Relationships were what one must endure
but not to enjoy
I got sucked down into this whole
as I had many times before
I let it feed off of my life force
until I was left to be the shell
I still am today

Somewhere, deep inside of me
A spark of flame still lives
It bides its time
feeding off the little emotions
that I still have the ability to claim
I do not smile
But I do sing
I do not dance
But I do drink
Life isn't perfect
as it isn't expected to be
I am still living
Waiting for the moment
I can be alive again
Smiling boy
both eyes
glittering and bright
as deep and eager
as the restless seas
that surround the land.
The world
is his Louisiana Territory
full of wonder and glory
for him to explore and claim.
His parents
are there only to help him
achieve his great plans
for the ever coming future.
He is the light
they always wanted to produce
But what he does not see
are the restless nights
the flailing arms
the tear soaked pillows and shoulders
Darkness is but a thing to be explored
but to the people around him
Darkness is a monster
one must endure.
They weight of their demons
weigh them down
in hopes that one day
they will not too
anchor him
the way they have.
He sees and experiences
many horrors each day
but does not see them
as demons
but as a simple part
of a sturdy reality
while his love ones
fall into pieces
so that he wont
experience a crack.
He holds the wonder
of his world
but is being protected
from the tragedy
that consumes ours.
This is what
is being hidden
from those blue eyes.
Hidden from the Blue Eyes
Something about my little brother. A bit more dark than I intended but I just let it flow and this is how it ended up. Please enjoy!


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United States
My name is Sam. I have been through some things in life that affect me still today. I am simply a small sail boat lost in a sea of words, in which I use the ocean as my guidance. My heart is made of words, and my soul is what I use to write with. Please enjoy what I have shared with the world, and if you do not honestly think it is the best, I would like to know. I am willing to be friends with most that wish to be friends with me. Thank you.

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